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Override text alignment and color from a text style


It would be nice to be able to override a custom saved text style with a specific text alignment and color if needed without duplicating the text style.

For example, if I make a “body” style for the main text, I also have to create multiples copy of this style like “body center”, “body white”, “body green”…
This is not very efficient.

Just be able to create a basic “body” style and apply a specific text alignement and color on it would be easier, and closer to what we can make with true CSS Class.
This is also how Webflow is working and which is probably a nice reference.

Thanks !


Just wanted to post about that around 1 year later ^^

Yep that would be awesome, let’s say I have 3 colors for my H1 Style, I would need to create 9 different style ( 3 different colors and 3 differents alignments for each)