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Overriding systems error messages

Hey all,

I have a button that triggers an API on my app.

When the API doesn’t return any data, there’s this error message that comes up:

I want to find a way to change this error message or at least remove it and have an alert show up instead.

Since this is not a Bubble system error, it’s not under the settings tab.

Would anyone know how else to fix this?



You can use this event:

I hope this helps!

Hey @mateusproto

This is not a Bubble-handled error code, so I wouldn’t be able to find the error code for it in order to use this backend workflow.

Would you know a work around?



If the error is displayed after an element is clicked, you can use this kind of event I sent for you in the video to customize the error message.

No, Im saying each error has an error code. However, API errors don’t have error codes that you can use - so I’m not sure how to set this up for API errors

Please, check this also:

But anyway you will need to customize.

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