How to handle 404 message as result of an API call?

Hi there!

When I use an API call to retrieve data from Twitter, the API returns 404 if no entry is found for the search value. That seems to be a problem in my Bubble app, because I get an alert saying that there was a 404 error.

How can I handle these in a workflow, without getting an alert??


I have the same problem. I get a 404 error from the API I connect to, which is the correct semantic HTTP response, but on the front-end this generates an unfriendly alert and interrupts the workflow.

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me too while in parabola :|(

Having a similar problem. API I use throws a 404 error if no data is found which bubble stops my workflow instead of letting me continue and handle it appropriately.

@emmanuel is there any way to handle 404 errors in api calls so they dont full stop the workflow?