Oversight in Certification? Need Input from Agencies

Hi all, I’m a single-person agency, and this question is aimed at other agency users. I use a desktop computer connected to an external monitor, and don’t currently have a laptop. In the criteria for the new certification process, it mentions that
“external monitors” are not allowed, and will flag the exam for cheating.

bubble support has confirmed this to me, saying:

it is not possible to use an external monitor when taking the exam as this can be flagged as cheating by the proctor

Given this seems like a major oversight on the part of the proctor, I am still skeptical of the validity of this. Perhaps I’m optimistic that such an oversight couldn’t be reality.

Regardless, I am asking those agency users who have taken the exam: Have any of your been able to successfully take the exam on a desktop computer? If so, did you have any issues and/or were you flagged for review?

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Not an agency, but am certified.

I took it on my standard desktop computer with 2 monitors. Had no issues, and was certified immediately after taking the test.

Not sure if there are different “tests” depending on who you are, as far as I know, there is just 1 overall certification test.


Haven’t taken but don’t think it would be an issue at alll…

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Thanks, mate!

I believe they meant external in terms of a wireless monitor somewhere else than your camera is, so another person could be taking it for you. Although I’m not sure, thus why I found your question here :smiley: I’ll be taking the exam now as I dislike the tiny laptop screens

Wow, so you are confirming that you took it with two monitor. i am plaing to give it tomorrow. without any preparation. :smiley: coudn’t get time.

but as i live working on 2 monitor one my laptop and another connected to it, as it make the system easy to use. so its mena i can give the exam with two monitor.

Im not sure now. The whole system the test is administered through has changed since I took it.