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Own a piece of a Bubble-built company!

Hi everyone! I’m one of the founders of Qoins, a financial platform that helps people save money and pay off debt faster. I’ve been around the Bubble forum in some capacity and a Bubble power user for 6 years now! We’re proud to have been built and operating on Bubble for a few years. For the first time, we’re opening up an opportunity for our customers and supporters to invest in us, with a minimum investment of $100!

While the campaign isn’t “officially” live yet, we expect it to fill up quickly when it does goes live. Before that happens, I want to give everyone in the Bubble community a chance to reserve a spot if you’d like! You can reserve your spot here!

In a few short years, we’ve accomplished several things:

  • Helped people pay off over $20M of debt
  • Provided financial education and coaching to tens of thousands of people
  • Raised over $2M of funding from angel investors and VCs
  • We’ve been recognized by Google for Startups, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, and others
  • My cofounder and I were named to the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 List
  • Later this year, we’re releasing the first-ever debit card that helps people pay off debt faster!

While parts of our platform have transitioned to native code over time, the core of our platform remains built on Bubble to this day! We’ve been able to achieve levels of success while scaling on Bubble, so we decided to allow the Bubble community to invest in us and share in our future success!

We’d love to have everyone join this journey with us! Let me know if you have any questions!


Sorry if I missed it. When I reserve my qoins, is this the equivalent to getting stock or equity?

@jared.gibb You should check this.

Congrats @natedogg, following this closely. :wink: