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Introducing Qoins (Built on Bubble)

Super excited to announce that we recently finished our closed beta tests, and yesterday we launched Qoins to the public!

Qoins (pronounced “coins”) is a brand new way to get out of debt early with your spare change. Link your bank account and we’ll round up the spare change from your everyday transactions to pay off your debt! For example, buying a sandwich for $5.35 would automatically send $0.65 towards paying off your student loans, credit cards, and more! And of course, it’s all built on Bubble!

We’re on Hacker News today, and we’d definitely appreciate any support and upvotes! (Currently number 2 in the “show new” section at the time of this post.)

Building this app has been such a rewarding challenge, and I definitely pushed my Bubble knowledge pretty far with building some of the logistics of this app. I’m beyond impressed how the Bubble team always seems to add new features just as they’re needed. Bubble just gets better every day.

Special thanks to those of you that joined our closed beta tests and put up with our crappy initial features. This community is awesome.


Can we put this on the homepage? If so, can you email support?

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Of course! Thanks for the offer. :grin: Just sent an email.

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Nice work. I long time ago fix this problem :wink:

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I’m a fan of Acorns that seems to do the same thing. Always glad to see Bubble-built products!

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Hey @Macchiato, thanks for the support! There’s definitely some similarities between us and Acorns. They have a great product.

We’re just tackling debt instead of investments. Plus there’s no risk to lose any money with us. :wink:


Hey natedogg,

I’m just blown away. Did you create the entire platform using bubble? including managing funds straight from the users bank? If so how do you even get started with something as sophisticated as that?


VN! Good job! Responsive or native? I just noticed the cellphone on your page there. (didn’t create an account sorry) come up with an idea, rough outline of how it would work, list features, sketch wireframes/design, start building, finish building… continued building… continue building… continue building… continue building… ;D


Congrats on the launch, Nate! Hope it goes well! All the best, mate.

1 Like, Yup! Completely built on Bubble. We just found the right APIs to do what we needed, and built out all of the logic.

@jonaspalmqvist Thanks! It’s a responsive web app. We’ll push a mobile app at some point, but we wanted to start here.


@natedogg wise choice. I assume, considering the space you’re in, it’s perfectly fine, as long as app is responsive. (not sure what additional features you would build to justify a native app)

Agreed. For the most part, people set up their account and let the app work it’s magic. It’s not something they’d typically check every day.

Plus, our current setup is better for onboarding purposes.

Very impressive especially the backend api integrations. Shows the power of bubble! I was debating doing a mvp in Rails but decided Bubble is much faster. Thanks for the confirmation of it’s bubbly power :wink:


same here @john3 hehe

We’re on the home page of Product Hunt today! Woohoo!



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Impressive! Congrats on the great press and putting a bit of bubble-love into the universe!



You should contact Dave Ramsey for a plug. He has a national financial radio show that is all about getting out of debt AND he loves entrepreneurs!

Could be a positive for Qoins and Bubble!

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Thanks @katcabin-bubble!

Definitely adding that to the list!

Great product! Can you share how the funds actually move? i.e. is it ACH, ATM network, etc?