Just a suggestion

I have been using bubble for about a year now, and I love what you guys are doing. My only complaint would be that the browser gets bogged down pretty easily making it difficult to deal with. I usually use chrome by default, but the new release of Safari runs the app builder UI much better than the other browsers as long as you don’t mind looking at the ugly dropdown formatting safari puts on those elements. So if anyone with a Mac having loading issues while building that seemed to help me.

What I would like to know from the bubble team is, could there be a future possibility of creating a desktop app where you could just push your application to bubbles servers that way. I know browser apps are the future, but until America gets their shit together with broadband, it makes the building process cumbersome at times. It would seem like a desktop publishing app, like how adobe does with muse could be a great option for people, especially people in rural areas that might not benefit from great broadband speeds.

I know it would be a lot of work to do, but just throwing some ideas out there.:grin:

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Agree with you on that! Makes me thinking about UX tools like sketch/justinmind which actually are desktop based…Give you also opportunity to customize more your UI…

I wonder what a sponsorship would look like to get an “Electron-type” desktop app going and supported.

Might be another subscription revenue stream for bubble- an upgrade to a professional development environment for those of us that are more than hobbyists.

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