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Page load workflow error in mobile browser

I have found out that the page load event workflow doesn’t work correctly in the mobile browser. It occurs twice for each load. I have checked and compared with the desktop browser, same workflow gives different results.
Can you please check and correct?

We need more info te help there. Thanks

I have configured a workflow that when the page is loaded to increase the number of pageviews by 1.
When the page is opened from desktop it works fine, when opened from mobile it gets increased by 2.
I tested from iphone on 2 different browsers - chrome and safari.

Can you share a link?

For example this one

on the page you can see the number of views. When opened in desktop it increases by 1. In mobile by 2 (at the beginning it increases by 1 and then in a couple of seconds increases again)

Hey Levon,

Can you please email us at [email protected] in case we need specific details when we take a deeper look into what’s happening?