"Page is loaded" behavior for mobile version


Do I need to do something different for a workflow that creates a new thing on Page load when it is a mobile version?

This is what is happening in my case:

  • I have a mobile version of a web app.
  • Have a workflow to “create things on page load” for the mobile version.
  • Oddly though the workflow works when the page is loaded on desktop(debug version) but not on mobile (release version).

Does the workflow “create things on page load” have to be created on the original webapp also?



Hey @dmurthy. I am having the same problem. How did you get the “mobile version” to load on your mobile device?

Hi @brentparker76,

I had to create two versions of the page with pretty much the same workflow repeated -

  • One for the desktop
  • Another for the mobile

Hope this helps.