Page loading extremely slow

My app started loading slowly this weekend. It was working great last week… anybody know why that might be? Average time to load the index is around 75,000 ms.

What did you change on your page?

Try loading the page in safe mode and see if it’s faster. If so, that means you’re adding some custom code / plugins that slow down the page.

See this

I think that’s the problem with your app…

Hi emmanuel… that was it. It’s a community plugin that’s slowing it down. Now, how do I figure out which plugin is the problem?

Having the same issue here. I boosted the app and still keeps just loading. The Bubble Editor cannot load the images of the plugins I have on my app, but the app works in “safe mode” even though the plugins were last changed 1-2 months ago.

Remove the plugins that add something in the HTML and test. that’s the best way to do it.

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