RG load times make my Bubble app simply unusable

My site is consistently taking around 2 minutes to load an RG with 12 rows, each row is only displaying a simple text field. I have no constraints or filters in my query.

The query

The app

The load times

It happens on both desktop and mobile, on wifi and 4G.
Similarly, the same 12 rows in the App Data page load at about the same speed.

App Data load times

What’s happening? I’ve checked Bubble status, everything (mostly) is green. Am I being throttled?

All I know is that it’s nearly impossible to develop under these conditions and certainly not acceptable to deploy with this level of performance.

Any thoughts?


How heavy is the ITEM datatype (i.e. how many fields, and what type of fields are they etc.)?..

Just 6 fields. Text, image… basic stuff

I just used a Capacity boost, created a new test page with nothing but the RG using the same search, previewed in safe mode… load times are still over a minute.

Hmm :thinking:

How large are the images? When you upload the images are you using the picture uploader and checking the box to make sure the image isn’t huge?

That’s the only time my repeating groups have loaded slowly.

The images are all under 100k, plus i’m not even loading them. As you can see from the attached images, I’m only retrieving a single text field.

The way to see where’s the speed eater, is to remove (temp. delete) all elements, and restore it one by one. If your page take a minute with nothing in it, it’s something else.


I agree with @JohnMark

Sometimes it’s a plugin that you aren’t even using or something Bubble might need to fix.

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Yep, already did that. I’ve also tested it in Safe Mode “no community plugin and HTML”

Neither helped.

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Can you share a link to the page so we can test it on our devices?

Or setup a test page that we can view?

Maybe try deleting the repeating group and adding it again from scratch?

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Would you mind sharing your editor for us to view in a test app?

pretty sure, there is something going on with Bubble. i created a new project under another account and replicated everything… ran as you would expect. that tells me that it’s something at an account level aka throttling. i contacted support, i will let you know when i hear from them.

Sounds good. I’m curious to see what they say. It could be so many different things. Hard to know. They will be able to look at the editor. So they should be able to help more. :blush:

Maybe the load without 3rd party plugins isn’t working or there is some other code conflicting something. :man_shrugging:

Here is the editor: fbmp-tool | Bubble Editor

It even takes a long time to open the data in the database.

Yep, it’s the same network process- msearch, that is the problem.


I notice some of the images take a while to load. I would clear out the images as a test to see if it loads faster.

Or just mark them as private so it doesn’t load on the page as a test. In privacy settings.

SIMPLE RULE: DO NOT… DO NOT EVER… PUT A LIST OF IMAGES DIRECTLY ON A THING. (Also, don’t do something dumb like put the raw data for an image into an image field. I’ve seen people do this because somewhere long ago some dipshit wrote something here in the forum long ago explaining that’s how images work. It’s not.)

Things should be Things ALL THE WAY DOWN.

What you would do here is create a datatype called Image or Picture (or be more descriptive - what is the use of this image?). That datatype (Thing) would have at least 1 field on it Image (of type image).

And now, if you want a list of Images on some other thing, you make a field “Images” of type Image (not “image” the bubble primitive datatype). And now a list of images is completely lightweight.

This is surely your problem.


:joy: Oh the wrath of “America’s most loved Bubbler”