Page naming and folders

I’m new so maybe I’m wrong but it seems I can’t have a page name that is the same as another page in another folder. Here’s what I would like to deploy:


But, when I create the folders and add pages, I get an error saying a page with the same name already exists. Is there some way around this or did I miss a setting?

Organizing pages into folders makes it easier to find the pages you need to open in the editor, but they do not affect the URL or navigation experience of the page in your app.

Folders just help you to organise your page management in a more convenient way. But page name should be unique, you can’t have 2 or more pages with same name.

hmm so pages are in a flat file structure for deployment structure? ok thanks for the response.

very very lame… new to bubble but experienced dev just trying to build something for a friend but there’s lots of little things that are just odd.

the end result is i have to create logical hierarchy for this app by using “pageType-action” e.g. “athlete-profile”. i guess this will work, lame but can work.