Page offline when in live mode

Hello guys,

I have created several pages which I dont want to leave them online for the now. Is there any option to leave them offline? No action yet leads to them, but MAybe with the link a user can get there. Anyone know how to avoid this?

You can place a redirect on the page, or you could convert it into a reusable while you work on them, to avoid them having a URL at all.

The second option seems more attractive. How do you do that?

Select the elements you want to keep on the page (you may want to group everything together) , go to the EDIT menu and pick Convert into Reusable element.

Note that it doesn’t replace the page, it just duplicates the content into a reusable element. So you’ll still have to remove the page after having checked that the conversion was successful.

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what about the workflows?

The workflows will be copied to the reusable as well.

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