Preserve reusable elements state after navigating

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Is there a way to preserve reusable elements state / workflow after navigating to other page? For example I have 3 pages, I’m using a header as reusable element on each page with couple of elements in it. When I go to page “2” from page “1”, it resets the state of elements was previously set in the workflow on page “1”. I guess every page load reset elements and workflow to the initial values. I would like to preserve logged in user’s details shown on every page within header. Is it possible to manipulate reusable elements value/state from any page, or I miss something principals?


You’d need to save something on the database, or do some clever URL parameter passing from one page to another. It’s doable.

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Thanks for reply Andrew. I was actually thinking to pass URL parameter passing, though cannot see the option to do so. I assumed that there was an easy tweak around to inherit reusable element’s “last state” in case of url’s change.

Use the “send more parameters to the page” on page 1.


On page 2, you use the “Get data from page URL” and then use the workflow to match the previous page.


Thank you all guys for brilliant solution and tutorials. I was missing this from learning centre to be covered, so went for help. You are so amazing to explain it so clearly. Bubble and the whole community are such amazing.

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Thank you so much Duke for this dedicated help, you are such awesome. :wink:

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