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My Bubble app is in 3 different languages. I use the App Text (…) function to do so and translate everything in the “Settings” → “Languages” area.

Should I also use the App Text (…) function for the “page title” ? Or is it a bad idea and I should only pick the most important language (and not use App Text (…) function for the page title) ?

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For SEO matters, I usually translate the page name.

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you should have the language that the page content is displayed in for the page title for maximum seo potential. You can use app text as you are or put a data field on the data type for the different details.

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Perfect. Thank you Bruno, I will apply App Text as usual then :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will do App Text in all the areas then: Page Title, Title (for SEO / FB), Description (for SEO / FB).

Hi guys, last question. About this area, since we can’t do App Text here, should I just put it in my “main/most important” language?

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Read after OR which signifies another option. Seems like first option of app text won’t work so follow the advice and do the second option because again you should have in all languages not just one

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Well noted. Thank you @boston85719 :slight_smile: !