Pages I deleted 3-5 years ago are suddenly appearing in my app

So, pages that I deleted 3-5 years ago (!!!) appeared in both my dev and live versions of my app!!

I’ve deleted 6 of those ancient pages now, and am going through the rest of the app to see what else is wrong. I shudder to think what else might be busted.

Note that these are pages that I deleted many years ago, and so obviously in need of deletion. Less obvious is what to do about pages I’ve not deleted but have modified over time. Now do I need to review all the pages, to make sure they haven’t been replaced with older versions??

Horrifying. Yes, I filed a bug report.

@emmanuel this one is serious enough I am tagging you.


I had the same issue before.

How was it resolved? Any other side effects besides deleted pages reappearing?

This one caused some errors of workflows related to this kind of page. For example, the go to page action had a missing page. Also, the annoying thing was that after restoring the app to a stable version - this weird page appeared again.
As I know, the Bubble team assist in fixing this one. So, I think they also will help to fix that.

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This this post from Josh, this probably happened after you upgraded your box.

Hey folks!

If you’re seeing issues in your app and haven’t already done so, please do file a bug report so that our team can take a look. As Emmanuel mentioned above, there are some behaviors that we are aware of, but sometimes similar symptoms can have very different underlying causes, so we would certainly be happy to investigate.

It would be much better to put a bug notice like this in a) pinned in the editor itself (as an alert at the top of each page, with an option to dismiss); b) Pinned at the top of the forum.

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