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Performance optimization


Is there a way to understand where the loading time goes ?

I am pretty sure the app I am working on is sub optimal from a performance point of view but I don’t really know where to start… optimizing query, images, or maybe something else…

Is there a way though bubble or a third party tool to monitor what is eating up the performance ?

Thanks !

Yo can start by using:
It’s a good tool just to use as a starting point. :wink:

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Thanks Diego !

So in my case I have
56/100 for the mobile page (benchmarked to 84/100 for a bubble empty page on mobile)
81/100 for the web page (benchmarked to 95/100 for a bubble empty page on web browser)

The identified problem are not easy to translate in bubble term but at leat I can measure the impact of changing things

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My apps page speed insight’s returned 90+ yesterday.

This morning it returned in the 50’s and low 80’s…

I haven’t made any changes to the main app in the past week or so.

No idea :confused: