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Pagination for Repeating Groups Without affecting Responsiveness

Hi everyone,

I need help to create pagination on an RG while taking advantage of the new responsive engine, my RG is displaying 4 cards per row (while in the appearance of the RG the number of rows and columns are not fixed to make sure that the responsive engine works as I wish for), and I need to show only 5 rows when the page is on the biggest viewport and “meaning, in other words, I need to show only 20 items” but I also want to show 20 items whatever the viewport size is (i.e. if the responsive engine squeezed my RG to show only two columns, then I want to see two columns with 10 rows each).
the issue with all I was able to see in the forum and Youtube is that I need to use the plugin “Toolbox” yet in order to do that I need to set the number of rows and columns which is not responsive at all.

Am I missing a way to tackle this issue? Can I somehow keep my RG responsive and show only 20 cards per page no matter what columns are presented by the responsive engine?

Thanks in advance!

Just want to update, I have been able to limit the amount of items in my RG to 20 without impacting the responsive engine’s power “check screenshot” , now I was wondering how would I navigate to the following 20 items and back from if needed ?


The core of the answer is in the following forum post from 2019, the expression should be a bit different in the workflows, if someone struggling like me or just interested in knowing how it is done, let me know here so I put together a proper explanation within this thread.
But for now, hope the following screenshots give you a good start for the meanwhile.

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