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How to limit repeating group to only show 9 using the new responsive engine?

I am working on repeating groups using responsive engine beta and to achieve responsiveness I can not set a fixed row or column.

I have manage to achieve a responsive repeating group using these settings

However, I cannot figure out how to limit the number of repeating groups to show on that page which is 9 items is what I am looking for, then I plan to add pagination.

I can do the fixed number of rows / columns but it wont be responsive.

Any advice?

Search for Docs: items until 9, but it will not work with pagination.

So pass that I wont be able to see the rest of my items?

Is there a way so I can still use a pagination? or I am stuck on the fixed rows and columns and not responsive?

Can you share the screenshot of a table?

this is what I am working on, and I want it to show 9 repeating groups only

it will just continue adding below if I add more than 9 items

You can limit RG to the height(not fixed but range between for responsivness) of 3 groups in a row and make it with fixed amount of rows and columns, don’t see why it’s should not work. It’s still will be responsive and show you exactly 9 items.

Before i tell you of my super unelegant way of how i have worked around this, i’ll say that i’m not a fan of how the new responsive engine deals with RG pagination. I’m sure they’ll add a fix soon enough.

Set up a custom state which represents the RG elements which are being skipped. The custom state should default at 1.

If you want to show 9 items per page, set up the data source of the RG as following.
Search for documents, items from “custom state”, items until #9.

Every time you click the next page or previous page, set the custom state as “custom state±9”.

Hey… it works, i guess :slight_smile:

whenever I try to use the fixed (amount of rows and col) settings, it will remove the responsiveness

will you be able to show some screenshot and settings? I am really struggling figuring this work around out. I am less than a month fiddling with bubble and this is quite advance for me

Appreciate it a lot if you have time

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