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Pagination Responsiveness with Repeating Group


I’m using the toolbox plugin for pagination and am having issues with the numbers that are being shown in relation to the size of the repeating group and total number of cells. For my platform on Desktop view, I have a fixed number of cells repeating group with 4 rows and columns and the pagination works fine for this, showing 1 and 2 as the number of pages as I have 18 total users (16 users on the first page and 2 on the second). However, when I drop the screen down to 800 px or any px size beneath that, the number of columns shrink so the repeating group is now showing 4 cells (4 rows and 1 column), while the pagination numbers stay the same, 1 and 2. However this shouldn’t be the case as now I’m only showing 4 users at a time meaning I should see pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

See screenshots below:

1440px (4 rows and 4 columns):

800px (4 rows and 1 column):

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