Paging Through Repeating Group while using CurrentCellIndex

I have a Repeating Group that is displaying a list of Recipes. The data for the repeating group comes from a List of Text in my database, so in order to display it in the Repeating Group as individual elements, I need to use the “Item #:CurrentCellsIndex” to split up the list and display it.

Now, I want to create multiple pages in the Repeating Group that people page through using the Go To Next action in the workflow. It appears that when someone goes to the next page in a Repeating Group, it resets the Index. So, even though I go to page 2 of the Repeating Group, it is still showing the same list of items.

I can’t seem to figure out how to work around this. I wish I could simply put a formula in the dynamic data to say something like “Item#CurrentCell’sIndex*RepeatingGroupPage#” or something like that, but that doesnt appear possible.

I can’t also assign indexed custom states to the different elements in the repeating group.

Any thoughts?

I either need to find a different way of setting up the repeating group that doesn’t use CurrentCellsIndex but still split up a List of Texts data field.

Or, I need to find a way to move to the next page of a Repeating Group without resetting the Index.

Have you tried using the List Shifter plugin as your source for the RG?

I just took a look at it, and it appears it doesnt work on actual List of Text data types. Like the one below:

It appears to only work on a “List” of individual Text data elements. Do you know if that is the case? All of the demos for the plugin have him working with data sets like that, not actually List of Text data.

What about this? (no List Shifter). I think this is what you are trying to achieve.

Editor link so you can see how I’ve done it Google-analytics-api | Bubble Editor

That works if I am simply putting the Names in the repeating group. But I also have the Image that goes along with it. So, since I need to do the Type of Content as Text, for the Images I need to do a separate Search For Recipes to pull the Image and in that case I would need to use the CurrentCellsIndex.

Hmm. Where is your data coming from originally & does it change regularly? Just thinking you might be best in the long run to clean that data up into a proper structure i.e. so it’s not a text list.

It’s coming from an API. And it could potentially change quite frequently depending on how often the user feels the need to click the search button. I’d prefer to avoid a lengthy “cleanup” step because I already have another setup like that for a different set of data. That one I absolutely need to clean it up from a List to a table of separate values because I am running analyses on it.

Which API is it? Be interesting to see if there is a way to get the data back in a more useable way/store it in the DB in a more useable way.

its the Spoonacular Recipe API

Ok - can you share screenshots of your API connector setup (with keys hidden).

here it is:

The API is pulling a list of 100 recipes based on a handful of parameter filters. The Ingredients parameter ends up being defined by the user in the app.

OK, I’ve set that API call up successfully on my side. What does your UI look like i.e. where the customer enters an ingredient/s and you show them the recipes in the repeating group? (I’ll try and roughly replicate that)

Also - is there a reason why you must store the data in the database? I have a demo working directly from the API and it’s pretty fast and was a 5 min job to setup.

Here’s the frontend

I’m pulling additional data from another folder/call within the API that is related to this data. I found it more effective for the UX to have this data first stored in my database and then used as the parameter in the next call. That is why I am storing it. I also don’t want the user to have to call the API again if they leave the page or refresh something.

In terms of how it’s being used, yes, the users will have a list of ingredients they create which is then used in the parameter of this call. I want to then display the Recipe Name and Image in a repeating group that the user can filter and page through.

what’s the setup look like on your front end there?

thanks! I’ll play around with it and see if it will work with all of my requirements.

So I’ve settled on a setup that will work for me. Thanks for the help.

Since you have already played around with this particular API, I was hoping you could help with one other thing.

I am trying to setup a Filter on the Repeating Group that will filter the recipes based on Ingredient. But, since the Ingredients data (specifically the name of the ingredients) is one level down in the data hierarchy of the API, I am having trouble.

Could you take a peak and see how you could setup a filter to allow the user input an Ingredient name and filter the Recipes in the repeating group to only recipes with that Ingredient?

I want it to be a filter on the repeating group and not another API call.


I might be confused but isn’t that what I’m already doing in the demo I built for you. You put an ingredient in the search box at the top of the screen and it filters the list to recipes that only contain that ingredient.