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Paid Plugins from India?


I am from India. I want to publish commercial plugins in Bubble. But unfortunately Bubble only support Stripe. And it does not support Indian Banks,

Can anyone help me make it possible to publish commercial plugin from India.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Stripe has a service that let’s you open a business in the US apparently without being there.

But short of remotely opening a business in the US, I don’t think there are other options.

I tried Stripe Global, but It requires some of the American documents, which I don’t have as my nationality is Indian.
Any other option. @emmanuel can you help me?

@aditya.rajak Stripe Atlas might be worth checking out which is what @vini_brito is likely referring to

Hi @aditya.rajak did you find solution ? opened stripe atlas account ?

I think it’s not available in India

Not yet