[Need Help] Unable to access my plugin earnings - India

Hi, I am a plugin developer from India. I have some plugin transactions in my Bubble account, but due to Stripe’s limitations in India, I’m unable to transfer my earnings to my Indian bank account. Is there any way I can resolve this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact stripe customer care,
Once you give them a direct call you hear, "thank you for calling strive customer support, my name is meow, how can I help you today, "

I’m facing same issue, stripe has stopped onboarding new indian customers due to RBI guidelines. Bubble should offer alternative approach for collecting payments. It’s been more than 4-5 months now my account verification is still pending in stripe this has nothing to do with customer support they simply can’t approve until they resolve issues with indian bank regulatory RBI

This sucks, I could help you guys out short term if you have a wise account…

Not because of RBI guidelines but you should say strict KYC verifications.

@247bubble maybe don’t comment if you don’t know about the situation as you are not from India.

Waiting period for new account sign-ups in India : Stripe: Help & Support

Here’s the stripe update regarding this, although they say waiting period they don’t mention about the days or months it takes to approve for me it’s almost about 4 months now

No the issue is with the stripe and bubble only allows stripe as payment gateway for plugins and template creators

The link you provided clearly stated “If you are an existing Stripe user in India there will be no effect on your Stripe account”.

And you said

That means you have already connected your account in stripe and only a working stripe account can be connected when you release your paid plugin.

Therefore the whole point is unusual account activities in your stripe account and reKYC (know your customer) that’s why your stripe account is not active. Accept the truth.
Very easy to blame government agencies.

So what ? Is this forum nation specific?

If you are from Myanmar how would you know the concerns of those in India?

Maybe search online on forums like reddit and other platforms as well to know that the issue is same with everyone.

And the forum isn’t nation specific but the issue addressed in this thread is, so if you don’t have knowledge about it why would you keep spamming false solutions.

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@armyboys605 I contacted Bubble support and this is what they said

Looks like if somehow I set up a US bank account I’ll receive the payouts, perhaps it’s possible through Payoneer (they will give me a virtual US bank account which i can set up with Stripe), not sure if that will work

Not sure if that would work as they still need to verify your account with Indian card details like aadhaar or other. In such case it still might not work.

Others from India are also facing the same issue so it’s definitely something stripe must have to resolve with the RBI


I recommend checking out Wise

@jonah.deleseleuc Is there any registration fee to set-up the account?

Not that I’m aware of it, creating an account was free for me. I think your best shot is opening a wise account & linking it to your stripe account