Pallet Question

Alright quick question, does anyone know of a good site to help find a good pallet for the design of my site, I’m not particularly great at design and color matching, so I usually stay within the white, gray and black sort of scheme, but I feel like that has been done to death and want to kind of branch out, but want to stick with some sort of theme or pallet, anyone know of any good sites that help with pallet selection?


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Take a look at the free templates, they have some good ideas. Also you can look at sites that you like and try to copy what they do.

Find the colors they use:
Use this to find the Fonts they use:

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Are you serious?

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This site is good for choosing colors. Also…

Has some great resources for those like me that struggle a bit with the design side of things.

Hope this helps.




Please don’t argue or start anything on my post, this post wasn’t regarding my “horrible” spelling, it was asking for help from the community. Do not pollute my thread with hateful or inappropriate content, if you’re having problems, please do so in private.


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