Parallel workflows on the same button, and conditions on action level

I have 2 workflows on the same button each running in different conditions, but the conditions are written on the actions level (for several reasons), not on the event level.

Is it possible that an action from workflow A will have an effect on a condition’s state before a condition is calculated on an action in workflow B, since both workflows were allowed to run unrestricted

For Example: if action 1 in workflow A changes a thing’s field to “yes”, and workflow B’s action 5 does something “only if” that mentioned thing’s field is “yes”, is it possible that workflow A’s change will have an effect before workflow B gets to action 5?

Yes, that’s possible, but it sounds a bit messy to solve it that way, as you don’t have full control over what triggers when.

Maybe place a Custom Event Trigger at the end of Workflow A instead, that triggers only on a condition set earlier in the workflow?

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