Apply "Only when" condition, only if other condition is true

I have a condition for letting a workflow run, but that condition should restrict the workflow only if another condition is true, otherwise the condition should be ignored.

I understand i can use the “AND” operator, but the problem is that i have other conditions included in this “Only When” besides this particular condition.

So i want Condition A B & C to be true, and also D should be true only if E is true, otherwise Condition D should be ignored.

How do you do that?

You might need to put some of the conditions on the Action that triggers the workflow, and some conditions on the workflow events themselves. This would be messier to keep track of, but I’ve done this when needed. Basically, you’d say, “Here’s the workflow that runs when E is true, here’s another, separate workflow that runs when E is not true.”

Does that make sense?

What do u mean an “Action that triggers the workflow”?

The Action is the big block, the thing that says, “When Button A is Clicked.” You would have:

“When Button A is Clicked, Only When E is false” as one complete workflow


“When Button A is Clicked, Only When E is true” as a separate complete workflow.

Got it.

Which is quite a drag, since i’m talking about a heavy complicated workflow, which would need to be copied, and modify both when needed.

Yeah, as I said, it’s not clean, but it will work. I hope someone else on the forums has a better way!

Yeah, i actually have a better way… why don’t they do a “Conditions” Tab on Events as they do on Elements? this would let you put the D and E conditions with an “AND” operator within a separate condition section.

How is this different than the “Only When” field that’s currently there?

Because when you write “Only when” A “and” B “and” C “and” D “and” E

The result will be that the workflow will run only if A B C D E are true.

Whereas when you write:

Condition 1: A “and” B “and” C

Condition 2: D “and” E

The result will be that if E is not true, condition 2 will be ignored, but condition 1 will still apply

Does this exist anywhere in Bubble currently? Or is this a brand new feature request? I think I might have misunderstood your original post, my mistake.

Every Element in bubble has a Condition Tab where you can add how many conditions you like.

Why not put on Events too?

Actually i think i’m wrong here, the results i want i think is not possible with Elements either.

Oh, I see. It sounds like a good thought, though!

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