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Parameters in popup?

It seems there is no real answer to this action on Bubble.

Let us go there once again, with how of breaching!

How to send ‘parameter’ while (staying) on the same page, tiggered from Popup?

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you mean here, or your particular reasons for wanting to add a parameter to the current page (unless it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, in which case it’s simple with some JS)…

But if you really need to then you can use an ‘Open external Website’ action and put the URL in there, including any new query parameters you need to include.

1: Go to page (same page) and set params.

2: Or use JS like ^ he said.

3: Can you just store as a Custom state.

4: If none of that works you can create a database type called param with fields
Param String (ex: Fname=Chris&Lname=williamson&platform=bubble)

On the button click that should set the param from popup go to page go to (same page) only when do search for param constrained by user = current user, DateTime=current date and time - 10 seconds :count is not 0

Your param sent will be same as above but send the param string field.

I’d only do option 4 if nothing else works, it’s a far out there complex idea that likely isn’t necessary but I can’t confirm 100% if 1-3 will work without closing popup.


5: on button click set params by going to same page that may close the popup based on what I think you’re saying you’re issue is.

but send an additional param for popup=createthingpopup

Use a conditional set for just once execute only when get data from url param = popup is not empty. Show popup you needed open.

6 there’s also plugins that allow you to set the params without page switch, it just used JS.

Hope one of those answered it for you.

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Thanks @adamhholmes and @chris.williamson1996!

Having reusable element across the whole application (header).

Having reusable element across the whole application (menu).
(It was before a popup, now is the reusable element as well. It’s the same more or less in this case).

Would love to trigger from a header (icon) a menu, have though to do that with parameters, due to states are not working between two reusable elements.

While with parameters, can’t say on what page each time user will click, i.e. page is dynamic, therefore “Go to page” workflow doesn’t work. (Is not the same page all the time).

JS seems appealing in this moment, but let’s try to see another way first :slight_smile:

Have tried with the data, basically to have yes/no field within User data, for menu to be triggered or not. (Menu = Yes/No).

This is solution for now, but sometimes it has not been “fast” as menu-opening should be, smooth.

It seems all the platforms are having this feature, one example is

Does it need to be this complicated? :slight_smile: Probably is not from the end…

I’m still not sure I follow…

Are you trying to open a popup (or other element) from within a reusable element (i.e. a header)?

In that case just put the popup in the reusable element - no need to use any custom states or parameters then - just a regular workflow action in the RE to show the popup.

It seems all the platforms are having this feature, one example is

What specifically in this link are you referring to? - if you give a specific example it will help to understand what you’re trying to do.

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Sorry, have tried many ways to make it work.

At this moment we use focus group, to make the menu appear from (within) a header which is a reusable element places across the platform.

I would really love to use (for a menu) a floating group, that is stretched whole (each) page width, but to have ability is desired, so trying to figure it out how to merge a reusable group within the floating group, just to have that flexibility for editing, and floating group menu experience.

On the header there is icon, for a menu to be triggered, and then on the menu, there is the same but different icon that hides the menu.

How this process is usually done, and what about a menu feature?

Have found floating group responsive from mobile to desktop, therefore leaning towards it, whereas reusable is would be great to merge, due to editing.

How to make this happen? :smiley:

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