Setting parameters for a popup

I can only setup parameters when I create an action to navigate to another page but not a popup. For example, when I create an action, “go to page sign up” I can set parameters. However, if I create a “show sign up/login popup” action I don’t see how to set a parameter. Can you help me figure this?

If it’s on the same page, then you can add additional actions, such as setting a custom state or updating the data source for a group. Whereas, when you go to another page then there can’t be any other actions to modify that new page (so parameters can be passed in the URL to enable additional actions once the next page loads).

Hi Sridharan.s, thank you for your help. No, it’s not on the same page. Can I still set a custom state?

You run an action, Element Actions -> Set State.

Also, if you haven’t taken the core Bubble tutorials, then I highly encourage you to do so. You can “code” so much faster once you’ve learned the basics.

Best of luck.

Sorry, just went back and checked. It’s not on the same page. What should I do in this case?

I don’t really know what you’re trying to do. But I assume you want to pass a parameter to the new page. Then, on the new page run a workflow when that particular parameter is in the URL and have the actions do what you want on that page.

Yes, I want to pass a parameter to a new page but it’s only allowing me to do so when I send the user to sign up via another page and not through the sign up/login popup. See screenshots below. Hope they give you a better understanding.

You can get data from URL using condition when the parameter is not empty, and load it to your pop-up.

Thanks @yusaney1. Can you demonstrate how to do that?

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