Parameters to my API from URL query string?

I’m trying to send emails from Bubble with links that recipients can click that call my APIs.

Workflow API endpoints want data in a POST and I don’t know how to embed that in a link, same goes for PATCH if I used a DATA API instead; I think all I have to work with is the URL and query string.

Any ideas on how to either:
a) pass parameters to data modifying APIs using only the URL query string?
b) encode a POST or PATCH into something that can be embedded in an email?

Hi @eric1,

You should probably just have that email link take the user to a page in your app that can then trigger the API Endpoint using any parameters you’ve included in the link.

The “Schedule API Workflow” action can happen upon page load and if the user doesn’t need to do anything, then you can display a simple success text so they know their request went through.

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