Pass data to reusable element

I have 2 reusable element. The product-grid is inside a repeating group.
The workflow I’m trying to achieve is this. When I click the product-grid, the data will also be displayed in the product-main.

Inside the reusable element product-grid, I cant’ see the other reusable element product-main.

PS: I can’t use the

Get Data from page URL

as the data source, since I only got single page.


If the users are logged in you can plop the data on the user.

User has a “viewing product” field.
When user clicks the workflow can update user’s “viewing product” and the reusable element can show “current user’s viewing product”.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try this one.

On the reusable element create a custom workflow. Make that workflow have a type of thing on it (likely product). Make it so that the action will display data to the reusable element (assuming that is where the data should be displayed).

Then from the page when the user does whatever action they are doing to select a product to view, trigger the custom workflow from a reusable element and send that workflow thing through (the product they selected).

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.52.21 PM


Sure, will look on to this. Thank you.

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