Sending data to a popup from a resuable element in a rp group

Please i am trying to send the current cell data to a pop-up from a reusable element in a repeating group

solutions are highly welcomed.

Please i am trying to send the current cell data to a pop-up from a reusable element in a repeating group

What exactly is the problem you’re having? (what have you tried, and how has it not worked?)…

Is the popup the reusable element? Or is the popup inside a reusable element?

Hi adam,

so i have a repeating group that contains products, i have the reusable element as a menu icon when clicked shows a group focus of things to select from (view product, edit product)
when you select view product a pop up shows and it should contain the selected product from the repeating group.

My problem is how to send that current cell data to that reusable element or directly to the popup

I hope the pictures give you an idea of what i am trying to achieve

As long as your reusable element has a content type the same as the RG (I.e. Product) you can just use ‘Display Data’ and set the current cell’s Product as the data to display.

Alternatively you can set a custom state on the Reusable Element to the current cell’s Product.

Thank you adam,

My reusable element is on another page, so it can’t find the repeating group to send the current cell product, i think there lies my issue.
The reusable element is on another page so it can’t read data from my product page.

Please how can i send data between pages?

Yeah, you can’t access a reusable element if it’s not on the page, so you’ll need to send the data to the other page first.

There are various ways to send data to a page, depending on how your app is set up - but if the destination page has a defined content type you can just send the data (the product) directly in the workflow action you use to navigate to the page.

If not, then you can use URL parameters to send the data to the second page.

In either case, you’ll then need to set the data source of the reusable element according my on the second page.


There is another way of getting data from reusable elements.

Step 1:
You need to install Active Cell plugin.

  • Place the Cell | Beta element
  • Select value type needed
  • Check This Cell is a receiver option
  • Set a unique ID attribute

Step 2:

Step 3:
Use the Send Data to Cell action.
Note: you need to use the exact ID from Step 1.



i’m a bit confused with your solution please.

your solution is “getting data from reusable elements” but i want to sent into the element,
whenever you create a new reusable element, it creates its own page and that is where i have some popups but i want those popups to read information from another page. if there was a way for you to put me further

you can use it vice-versa as well (sending to reusable elements):

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