Pass "List of Dates" through Url parameter

Hi there,
I’ve converted a “list of dates” to a “text string” to pass through url parameter…
How do I convert this text into a list of dates again?


If each date is joined with a “,” then you can do :split by ","to turn back into a list

EDIT: somehow managed to post on the wrong topic. I’ll get back to you.

Weirdly there isn’t a one click way to convert a list of strings into a list of dates. You could either use a plugin: String to Datetime Plugin | Bubble, (I haven’t used this plugin, i just searched the plugin marketplace) or you can use Javascript to simply convert the texts to dates using the Date() function

I’ve once seen somebody use a backend API that returns the texts as dates, but that seems quite wasteful.

Does not works, since it is a list os dates…
Tks very much anyway…

I saw somewhere is this forum, there is a way to set an API to yourself, but I couldn’t understand the whole process by now…

It’s one of those things which should definitely be easier to do and there should be a workflow action for it.
However for the time being, you can call one of your own backend workflows using the API connector.

I do recommend using Javascript instead of calling an API. Have you ever heard of the Toolbox plugin?

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