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Passing Data from Backend Workflow to Another Backend Workflow

I use a service that compiles 6 sets of data and sends me a notification via a webhook when the data is ready. I am only allowed this one webhook for the service. The data is similar but comes back in different structures so I have created 6 different APIs to get the data back to me. When the webhook is triggered, I do a search on my database and call one of the 6 API calls to get the data. All of that works great!!

The problem I am having is that all of the data are lists and contain hundreds of fields. Previously, I have always “Scheduled an API workflow on a list” and then manually defined the parameters. However, with this many parameters, I was wondering if it is possible to auto detect the parameters like a webhook. This way, I could send all of the parameters for each record.

When I turn on Detect Data in the target endpoint, I get a new field _wf_request_data in the api trigger and I am not sure what it means.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.