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[New Feature] Smart detection of request data for API workflows

We just added a new way to define parameters for an API workflow, which is especially useful when using webhook (for instance, when stripes hits your app’s API). If the data is nested, you can now access all of it.

It works but picking the option ‘Detect request data’ and then triggering a request from the service to the endpoint that gets displayed in the following popup.

Once this is done you’ll be able to pick the types of data, as you do with the API Connector when you add an API. And then, you can access the data in the following actions.

Note that workflows using this type of parameter detection cannot be used for scheduled actions, so this is really for web hooks.

You can read more about this here

Please thank @AliFarahat & co for sponsoring this (and special thanks to Ali for managing the crowdfunding aspect).


Thank you @AliFarahat !

Thanks Ali.

Thanks to everyone who contributed…Now let’s get back to work :wink:


Thanks @AliFarahat and @emmanuel

That’s great. Thank you Ali, Contributors and bubble team for this feature.

I am getting an error 500 message on the Stripe Dashboard when I send a test webhook to an endpoint on Bubble while the “Detecting Request Data” mode is listening for a request to come into

@emmanual any thoughts please?

Thank you.

it is truly impossible to help here without a bug report and your stripe crendentials

OK, I will send you this information. However, I am seeing the same response from the Lob webhook debugger as well. Thanks.

I’m getting the same from testing Stripe too. Please post back here with the results since you’re filing a report?

good job! @AliFarahat and Bubble Team.

This is fixed.


Thanks @emmanuel - I can confirm it’s working for Stripe. Thanks again!

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I just integrated Stripe, Lob, Sendgrid and Twilio webhooks. Rockin'!


@emmanuel - Where can we view Webhook API logs please?

I am sure it’s in the manual, but my apologies, I can’t find it. Thanks!

Can you help me figure out how you are utilizing the additional “/initialize” line? When I create an API workflow I only see the equivalent of “/stripe_charge_succeeded” and no option to add a /*. Are you typing this directly into the workflow Endpoint name? Is the only benefit further organization?

Edit: Nevermind I just got to that part of the documentation!

You asked a good question, @philip . For everyone else out there… you don’t need to type it in. When you click “Detect Data”, Bubble will present a popup with your endpoint + /initialize to copy and save in your webhook service settings. Trigger a test notification, and when successful, the Bubble popup will switch to showing you the webhook payload.

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Wow the time from forum post to learning it wasn’t priority on the roadmap to sponsorship announcement, collecting funds, implementing, and announcing was so fast. Thanks for leading the way @AliFarahat !

@emmanuel and the bubble team deserve this more than me. I guess when passionate about something like Bubble then great things are made


I am a new user and need help to use that function. I use that detection and It is ok. I see all the data but Its not writing to database. I tried postman to do the same thing and its writing to database. Any idea how that happens? Thanks in advance…

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