Passing entire thing as a json object to an external API


I’ve got a simple question. I’m trying to send POST to an external API the complete Thing itself. So I’ve got a whole bunch of things that I’m trying to put together into a JSON.


and send it over API post to an external API.

I don’t want to be going through each ‘THING’ and defining each field. Which is very very time consuming as each THING has about 20 fields and I’m looking at about 5 Things in total… so apart from me going through and mapping every single field, any other way like to do a JSON stringify and put it into a text field and then POSTING it?

Hi @mills41

You can do something like this :point_down:

& results will be like this
Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 09.10.53

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Do a search for where the data is in your database and then

format has text

with your JSON formatted correct add your values and in the delimiter add a


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I’d also advise using :formatted as JSON-safe