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Popup from repeating group

i have a repeating group that shows text posts. i also have a page for each post. i want a popup to appear when the text post is clicked. i cannot get the popup to show the text.\ for the particular repeating group cell. i have only managed to get the popup to display text from all of the cells.

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This should be what you are looking for ?

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this didnt help me, it didnt work.

whoa actually it worked!! thank you. (i missed something crucial)

actually, i have to correct my previous post, after using your method to make a pop show the current cell’s text from a repeating group, it only shows the top cell from the repeating group, but not any subsequent cells. so now i am trying to figure out what to do about that/ how to fix it.

Not sure what you mean by “subsequent cells”. Do you want the popup to be able to scroll through the RG like a Carousel ?

sort of like with twitter, i want the pop up to show the text from what ever cell (of the repeating group) the user clicks, but right now, the pop up only shows the data from the top cell (or most recent cell) of the repeating group.

To do that you need to …

a) set the popup to have a data type (of whatever your want to display)

a) and then send the thing from the clicked cell (current cell) to the popup


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. This worked perfectly. I have been looking for this solution everyday for the last week. Thank you!!

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