Passing multiple images within a single database cell to another page

How do I pass multiple images within a single database cell to another page repeating group using the URL parameter in

You can just use a comma delimited list of unique IDs (if your Images are things in your database), or image source URLs (if they are not) as the parameter value.

Then on the destination page RG datasource, if your images are database things you can do a search for Images who’s unique ID is in the URL (i.e. URL parameter (text) split by ,), or if they are images you can just access the URLs directly from the URL parameter (using split by ').

I passed the field holding the list of images inside my database using URL parameter

This is how it looks like inside my database
Screenshot (2)

On my destination page, I inserted a repeating group that will display the list of images and I set the content of the repeating group as image since I want to display images.
Then I set the data source as Get data from URL. Then I used the split by(,) feature to split the images in the database cell.

I inserted an image element inside the repeating group and I set the dynamic image as the current cell’s image

Yet it displays one image across the repeating group

I’m not sure what you mean… have you got any screenshots of what’s actually happening?

Yeah sure

From what little I can see of your RG set up, it looks like you’ve got a nested RG?

And so you’re using the same datasource in each one - hence why you’ve got the same image in each one.

I’m not too sure I understand what you’re doing with your other RG of type Text - and I’m almost certain there’s a better way to do what you’re trying to do.

And I don’t know why you’re using an RG to display the image (when you’re only showing a single image).

But to keep your current set up, just add :item # current cell's index: converted to list to your Image RG datasource.

Or, better still, get rid of the RG (why do you need it?) and just use the image element with the data source Get Image From URL: split by: item # current cell’s index.

But surely it would be simpler to set the main RG content type to category, and just pass the category in the URL.

Okay so the thing is am not displaying a single image, and also I want to display a list of texts and a list of images in one repeating group, one stuck on top of the other

Please can I share my link so you help me out?

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