Displaying list of items in a database cell in a repeating group

I’m developing a voting system using bubble, but I’m stuck.
I’m having difficulty configuring the database.

This is how the app works: the first page displays all of the events, and when an event is clicked, it displays all of the categories associated with that event. When a category is selected, all of the nominees in that category are displayed for voting.

In light of the foregoing, I must link the event table to the categories table (1-to-many relationship), which I have already done. However, the issue is that all the categories linked to an event in the event table are grouped in one cell and separated by commas, making it challenging to display in a repeating group.

All of the contents in the cell are shown when I show the linked categories in a text element.
How do I approach it, kindly?

That should be a list of texts since it appears as comma separated values.
You could simply create another Repeating Group within the cell of this Repeating Group and assign it as type text with this content in it.

Alternatively you could apply the :formatted as text operator on this list of texts and format the way it should appear (separate them by another character or a line break, add some rich text formats, etc)

I did but it still seems not to work

Could you hit inspect element and select that comma separated list and send a screenshot?

Yeah sure

Hmm, there’s not enough info here.

In case that’s coming in as a single text instead of a list of texts, you could run :split by and enter ‘,’ as the character to split by. That will result in a list of texts that you can use as we discussed earlier.

Seem not to work

No, I meant put the :split by on the text in your canvas


It should look like :get Q1 from URL :split by(,)
Putting this as a RG’s data source will let you display it as an RG list

Sure it worked
Thanks very much
How do I do the same for images because am using the same approach but it not working

Same thing
Get a list of images, then use :each item's URL :split by (,)

Probably am doing something wrong because it is not working

You’re setting the same data source (from the URL params) to the image RGs within all the cells of the main RG - which makes it have the same image.

You should have a list of images on each cell’s thing here

Have confused
i set the data source of the image RG to the second ( from the second URL params)
Please can i share my link so u see what am talking about?


seems to have different images when I tested it.
What I meant was that if you set the image source on each image as the same URL param data, you’ll see the same image on each cell. But looks like you’ve set the image source to be from the current cell’s image which is the right way to go.
But I then don’t understand why you’re using URL params for the images at all if they are available via the current cells’ image.
Maybe I didn’t understand your use case here.

I inserted another RG inside the main RG to hold the images, and I set the data source of the second RG to the URL parameter. I then inserted an image element inside the second RG to display the image list using the split feature just like how i did for the list of text.