Passing pagination # to url

Hi all,

Has anyone used Toolbox’s ListofNumbers and URL params?

I can’t seem to figure out how to pass the current page to the URL.

Nvm. I feel like I always find the answer immediately after I post the question.

If this comes up again for anyone else:

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Actually, still stuck.

I’m trying to figure how to use the pagination URL…but can’t figure that out.

What I can do:

  • Update URL params based on the number that’s clicked in pagination

What I can’t do:

  • Change the page based on the param in the URL

For example, if you click the link below, it doesn’t take you to page 6.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


Can you share the settings for the group?



My question was more to know how you use the url parameters actually.
I can see some issue in your page actually.
You seem to use differents way to show the page. But all of them should basically be related to the page url instead (i don’t know what exactly).
Actually, If I click the arrow, it change the RG, but doesn’t change the page that is showing at the bottom.
When you load the page, I don’t know what you do with the parameters, but it’s not used directly I guess for the pagnination.
And when you click on the # directly, it change the page url and the RG go to the next page.

You have different option. But the RG need to change based on one pagination information (url or state probably). All actions should target to update the url or the state (But I think you should work with url because if the page get refreshed, user will be back on the page URL

So how I see things
Your RG pagination will be base on page url using Get data from page URL
When user click a number: Go to page, parameters page = current cell number
When user click back arrow Go to page parameters page = Get data from URL (page) - 1 (be sure to set the type to number)
When user click next arrow, Go to page parameters page = Get data from URL (page) +1

Thanks for taking the time to reply to this. I’m just not entirely sure what it all means.

I’m guessing you’re saying that there should be a standardized way of how the RG is handled? I’m just not sure how that comes to fruition.

I’m also not sure how to make your suggestions at the bottom happen based on the plugin I’m using.

Hey @nunesr, I’m running into the same issue.

So, I have a page with a RG with pagination that displays items. It works well. furthermore, the page uses URL parameters to filter items based on material, brand and type. that works well too.

The problems is that whenever my user filters items by brand for example, and then clicks on one item, it takes the user to another page where the item clicked is displayed. when the user goes back (Previous page) to continue browsing the RG is filtered by the brand (So far so good), however, it takes the user to page number 1. Therefore, it makes browsing a pain because it does not come back to the page number where the user was.


  1. setting states don’t work because it navigates to a different page therefore states are reseted.
  2. As you mentioned in your post. I am able to send on URL parameters the page number. However, I haven’t found a way to tell the RG to go to that page number.

Where you able to figure it out? or find a work around?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Found a way! As you said, one tends to find the answer immediately after posting.
Basically, the page is loaded and my Url parameter page is not empty. then excuse the following workflow (See image):

I still have to run some test on live version but it seems to work just fine.

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