Password and Password confirmation [SOLVED]

Hi all.
I’m going to make a form for signing up a new Company.
In that form I’ll have two fields: password and password confirmation.
The idea is that both fields should have the same value for a success company registration. How can I trigger such a check?

It seems that “password_confirmation’s value is password’s value” works for it.

Where do i write this expression? is it a condition on the sign the user up workflow? and what will happen if it does not match?

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How was this solved? This operation does not work it is asking for another command after “is passwords value” (and, or, formatted as text, formatted as number?

In issues its saying confirmation should be a text? and right now its a yes/no equation which isnt that what you would want password = password confirmation

Ok apparently the program does half the expression for you all you need to enter is “passwords confirmation value”

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Hey, solutions sprinkled throughout the thread but I’ll sum it up for anyone needing more help:

On the BUTTON to update/set the password, set up a conditional like the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.19.49 AM

Then you can set up as many properties as you want to notify the user of what’s happening. But the most important property to set is the “This element isn’t clickable”, preventing them from submitting a password update that doesn’t match the confirm password field.

Here’s the properties that I set:

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.20.38 AM

Hope that helps!