Login Error: the 2 passwords do not match but I only have one input box

Hi All!

Can anyone help me with this I’ve tried to use the debugger mode but it’s not descriptive enough.

I created a login page. When I attempt to “sign up” for an account I get a message that says “2 passwords do not match”. I’m not sure why since there is only one password input.

The Message

The Email Input Box


The Password Input Box

The Sign Up Work Flow

Do you all see anything wrong?

Your ‘confirmation’ value is set to a statement which evaluates to a yes/no value, which you’re then formatting as a text…

I’ve no idea what you’re trying to do there?.. but in any case, what is the value you’re using for ‘yes’?

Also, why are you using a password confirmation without providing an input to enter the confirmed password?..

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@adamhholmes It sounds like I’ve gotten all turned around trying to set up this login. I’m not sure if this information helps but I set up a user sign up form to create users for the app. I can see the users in the database. I just can’t get the users to sign -in.

I reset the content format to email and password so the app knows what information I am collecting. But now it is only signing one individual in. The rest of the users can’t sign in :confused:

What @adamhholmes was tryign to say is that, when you check the option to “Require a password confirmation”, the field that appears below, called “Confirmation”, should be linked to another password input in your editor.

This oblyes the user to enter a password in INPUT A and re-enter it in INPUT B, so Bubble can compare both values.

If your users don’t need to confirm their password in another input, you should not check the option “Require a password confirmation”.

Make sense?

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I see that is helpful thank you

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