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[SOLVED] Passwords do not match

Hi Everyone!

So I designed a popup for users to create a new account and I have an input for “Password” and then “Confirm Password”. The popup looks like this:

However, when I input the SAME password into both inputs, I get the following error:

The properties for the “Password” input are set as follows:

The properties for the “Confirm Password” input are set as follows:

And finally, this is what the workflow looks like:

Any help in how I might remove this “Passwords do not match” error would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The password input (not confirm) looks like it’s a different input in the sign up form than in the workflow. Your screenshots say the input in the form is called “input new account password” and the input in the workflow is called “input password” - do you have an extra input around there somewhere?

That’s a great observation and one that I again, overlooked, many, many times. I have two password inputs…one for existing users (which I forgot about), and another for new signups.

With your advice, I was able to correct the problem and now can move onto the next issue.

I can’t thank you enough, romanmg! You’re awesome!

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Awesome! Trust me, this happens to me too! And figuring these things out either on your own or with the help of a second set of eyes always makes you that much smarter going forward. It was a situation very similar to yours where I quickly learned the value in labeling everything clearly and early. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, your guidance and most importantly for your patience! Bubble is not as easy to use as it appears and requires a certain mindset, but it seems that once you have it, its easy and fast. I look forward to the day when that happens. But first, I have to conquer states!

A good way to debug this kind of things is to use the step by step mode in the debugger and see where the values come from.

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I have been looking for a tutorial on using the debugger and cant seem to find one…

We don’t have a tutorial but we have a chapter about it in our user manual.

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I know you guys are very busy, but a video tutorial for the debugger and how to use it would be extremely helpful to many people. As a new Bubble user, I see the potential and I am investing the time into learning your platform, but there is a steep learning curve which causes a lot of frustration. Many basic issues could be avoided with the debugger.

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