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Password before deleting

How would i go about this,

enter a password before deleting

so when the user type there password in and clicks yes it deletes there account.

I don’t know how to find the current users password if this is possible


Right. We use the password only for login purposes so you can’t really do this. If that critical reach out to us and we’ll see how we can add such an action (to check a password).

+1 on this!

Yay! That on’s needed! +1!

We just added this :slightly_smiling:



Thank you so much this feature will help make more secure functions for users.

Saw this! Thank you!!

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Just as a UI thought… on the Bubble Full Reference, could the relevant Index on the left change colour to blue when we are in that section, just to help psychological navigation?

Good idea, i’ll put that on our list.

We just deployed something that highlight the second. Is it better?