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Based on this:

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I’m confused about the post. Are you making this a feature request? Are you sharing something you built? It’s definitely a fine bit of functionality, I’m just not sure what your intention is. Sorry!


Yuo. Feature request :slight_smile: It’s in the “idea” category :slight_smile:

I ended up building it.

It was quite easy.

You just need a Text field with the value of the password input, 2 icons, 1 state and 1 workflow to show/hide elements based on the state.

Make sure that the Text field mimics the style of the input so the transition is seen as transparent.


@romanmg created a video showing how this can be done


Hi - I think this may be about as good as you can get it. If you have two inputs, ie one setup as “Content format” Password and overlay a second input with “Content format” Text (using a toggle icon to switch between the two), you’ll get into a circular state which will give you run-time errors.

So, I’m mobile right now, but, if you look at the sample (wizard-produced) app, the pw fields have obfuscate functionality. I’m petty sure this is just built in. (Checkbox on text inputs perhaps? Haven’t looked at that in a while, but it can’t be hard to find.)

My solution uses the input for the obfuscated password and a text type to show the password. It wasn’t ideal at the time(december 2016) but it was the only way.

@anon94914631 Now that you can create plugins I would go that route and create a plugin for this.

This is just one out of dozens of jquery/js plugins:

Good timing, this might be useful:

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Here’s the obfuscate (“password”) option:

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Now… Content Format is not an option you can modify on Conditional. However, you could just toggle the visibility of two inputs that share the same value. (Easiest solution: put them in a group of type text where the source of that text is your password database field, I think. Toggle their visibility via custom state.)

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Thx JonL, it helped me!
I improved it a little bit: you do not need a state nor a workflow.
The eye icons are native. You just need a Text field over the input field and some conditions:

When the Eye icon is hovered:

  • Display the text
  • Change the font color of the input to transparent
  • Change the eye icon to the crossed eye icon
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Bonjour voici une solution :

Avant toutes chose, activer > Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements :white_check_mark:

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