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Password Reset Link Issue

Haven’t seen this issue before… I’m resetting a user’s password - as basic as I can:

But when I click on the reset link from the email, I get this error instead of the reset_pw page:

I’m not sure why / or if it is normal for bubble to inject that url1022 portion into the password reset link… but that’s happening. And otherwise, everything about the app seems to function fine. I can log in and actually use the rest of the app without issue (we are on a custom domain) so I think our DNS settings are fine.

Any ideas what’s happening?

Does it go to your app’s reset_pw page and then redirect here?

I’d check the workflows on the reset_pw page to see if there’s any abnormal actions set up there.

Bubble doesn’t usually allow much customization on this, since there’s a bit of processing and validation that happens behind the scenes.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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No, that is not normal as far as I know !

What is the link that is in the email?

You could also try generating the token “check box below” and sending the email yourself.

Maybe you are using a template or something? Very odd.

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SOLVED! This was a weird one indeed. We had to update our sendgrid accounts because the previous API key we were using was tied to a former developer who’s sendgrid account we did not have access to.

We updated our DNS setting as per Sendgrid’s instructions and added the new key to Bubble but when I checked this morning, I noticed the key Bubble was using wasn’t our newest one. So I added it back in, and whalla! It’s fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for your excellent suggestions as those were both troubleshooting ideas I had not considered! I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:

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