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Password reset link sending to unknown subdomain

Since the password reset is a simple single workflow and the Bubble settings is indicating the domain is setup correctly, we are concluding it’s likely a bug.

In the email received, the password reset link is going to an unknown subdomain.

Should be going to… and its going to

1234 being some some number value

That’s weird
It should go to bubble-app-domain/reset_pw by default

I’d check the reset_pw page’s workflows for any action that explicitly redirects the page to that subdomain. Can’t think of any other reason why that might happen.

Hello @mente12 ,

I also saw your DM, but I wanted to reply here in case it is needed again in the community. I am sharing the answer from Bubble engineering below.

I have looked at your ticket, and it looks like the problem you are experiencing comes from a link tracking service that you may be using in your e-mail provider.

From a quick look at the general structure, I may assume that use Sendgrid’s Universal Links - or equivalent, which allows wrapping all the links inside an e-mail in another URL which possibly allows tracking clicks from Sendgrid as well as providing custom redirections based on different parameters.

While I do not know and cannot help you specifically with how to set this up properly, I can only assume that if you should ensure that the redirection service works properly (in your case it seems like the base url for the redirects, does not work as intended). Another option, if you cannot set up the redirection properly, is probably to disable this service in order to leave the links untouched, which will make sure that e-mails sent through your Sendgrid account arrive at their destination properly.

Best of luck setting this up,

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This seemed to be related to Sendgrid settings and Cloudflare. We don’t know exactly the cause. We reset everything in Sendgrid working from scratch and then it started working correctly.

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