Path segments as list

Since we now have this feature! (Much appreciated will be valuable)

can we add one for going to a page with a path just like we have it for a parameter (Workflow actions and links)?



What is the purpose of this feature?

Any attempt to make making url paths easier to manage in Bubble would be greatly appreciate. Currently if you want to have a page that is that is SEO friendly you need to create a bunch of conditional text on the page to have your text suit what path is in the URL, so if there’s an easier way to make routing more manageable that would be great.


Yeah, just noticed this! It makes certain use cases for router plug-ins obsolete now! :smile: :+1:

I’m eager to try it on the home page. Anyone had a chance to do so yet?

I haven’t had a chance to put it through the paces or make any comparisons yet, but it sounds like it might make plug-ins like these…

…obsolete in many cases! :grinning:

It should be great for SPA’s, SEO, and creating a generally more maintainable app structure! Can’t wait to try it!

It functions the same as those plugins, without the option to go to p/username. Like Ali mentioned. So it’s not complete replacement yet

Can anyone post an example? .

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You’re awesome

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Yeah, I had a bit of a play, and it certainly won’t be replacing Sudsy for me at this time! Hopefully, with some nav functionality like @AliFarahat mentioned, it’ll get closer!

What’s REALLY needed, though, is a slight tweak to Bubble’s internal router mechanism to allow for a dynamic page at the root - i.e. home - page. It seems like it’d be pretty straightforward to implement, but it would require the implications to be carefully thought through.


Yes! We can already replicate this functionality using the go to external website option. Having it on internal pages would be Bubblific!

Yes I agree you can definitely do that. But if you notice when you navigate to the same page with parameters using the existing workflows you actually don’t do a hard reload of the page but it actually refreshes or reloads the page instantly with the parameters in the URL

If you use the external website option to go to the same page while adding a path it reloads or refresh the page. Basically a hard navigation.

We can probably build (or already have) plugins that do that but the functionality of most plugins are not cleanly baked in. Thus requiring a plug-in, elements, different workflows to achieve a similar affect.

I really want this to be clean. I also understand the technical problems bubble will face by doing this.

For example imagine you are previewing the index page and you have a workflow that modifies the path of the URL, and the modified url is actually the same as a page name! What should happen, how it should happen, the impact…

We should also not limit our selves to only using parameters, what about hashes (#) they are also url safe and widely used in other platforms to indicate things like anchors :anchor:

Also, what about navigating to existing pages dynamically. Currently the navigate to page requires you select the page via drop-down, but there are so many situations that require you to navigate to a page based on other conditions. So you end up creating multiple when if… To achieve the required effect.

So many challenges…:face_with_monocle:


What I would think could make this feature more useful is a way as it seems others are saying to “send data to URL” so that if I want to make groups visible / hidden based on the path I could change the path with a workflow action like “set page path list” or something so that I could create a simple back and next button to hide / show groups based on the url path.

Until that happens, I am kind of stuck to think of use cases for the new feature besides maybe doing some conditional searches based on URL path to show “similar items”.

Sometimes router or sudsy plugin can take time to load (especially when app has lot’s of plugins), I set my initial data source to search by get path.

Can you add the header ‘Dropbox-API-Path-Root: {".tag": “namespace_id”, “namespace_id”: “2”}’ on your dropbox plugin, please?
I can only display personal folders, not folders that can be seen by other team members…

Hi, ive been meaning to update that one but have been pretty busy. I will try to add complete scope soon.

Any update on this? We need to set navigation to page with Path Segment. @emmanuel

Had anyone figured out how to update the url path without doing a hard reload?
Both Sudsy and URL Router add segments to the path but neither of these are recognisable when you do a “Get url parameter: path segments list”