Pause of scheduled workflows

Is there some way to pause Scheduled workflows from the user side?

Yes, you have to use the “Cancel API” action


To cancel it, you need to specify an ID meaning you’ll probably have to save it in your database.

Well, I need to pause it and resume later, not cancel.
There is a way to pause all workflows in admin panel, but I don’t see a way to make it from user side.

ohhhh… I’m not sure there is a way to do that

Hello @sat_miha

I use a condition at the end of a Schedule Workflow which turns into a ‘loop’ if the condition is ‘next’. Otherwise if a pause condition is detected then it does not loop the call. When the user wants to continue, he restarts the schedule workflow. It is different than programming over time as mentioned above by @johnny which ‘cancel’ is the only option unless you reschedule another ‘schedule workflow’ on demand again.

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Maybe a Pause button on the user side that triggers a yes/no field on the User Type to yes for paused. When they click the button again it toggles to no for not paused and triggers the workflow to start again. You’d then have conditionals on the workflow to stop or skip the remaining actions if Current User’s Pause is yes.

This would start the whole workflow over though but depending on how your data is structured you could potentially have it skip the steps or data that were already ran for that user.

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Well, my case is more about stopping one of many scheduled workflows that connected to each other and resuming it from that exact workflow.

But I got your point. Thanks.

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