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Hi @emmanuel,
People have been asking for this even in the past as seen in few forum threads, I strongly believe that Paytm as an option for payment gateway in India is seriously needed on bubble.

The reason is not only the different methods of payments that they accept, it is the largest used gateway in India, moreover the pricing is most competitive.

When Paypal charges a fees of 2.99% + Re 0.3 per transaction, Paytm charges flat 1.99% per transaction, so from the business point of view it is most lucrative.

Braintree seems unavailable for India and even if it was available the charges were high again.

I don’t know how difficult it is for you to integrate it but would really really want it in bubble.

Uber, Dominos, Zomato, Jabong, Swiggy, Oyo are some of the big names that use Paytm in India.

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@emmanuel is there a possibility?
I am at the launch stage of my app and have to incorporate some payment gateway.

Have you tried incorporating this as a plugin?

I would also try to connect it with the API Connector Plugin, which is actually often more flexible.

I ran into the same problem connecting payment gateways in the Middle East, and the API Connector solved it.

If there’s a need to connect multiple payment gateways via API, you might want to check out Spreedly. Transparency: I work here. But suggesting not as sales pitch but b/c it may solve for this specific need.

Have inquired from Paytm and they have given an assertive response to integrating with any platform and provided the credentials, however I am stuck here, and need some help.

What next? or is it done?
I have gone through @romanmg’s lesson on API and values shown there are quite elaborate, can some one put some light on this?

Please bear with me for my novicity as Gaby says ‘If you’re building an app without a technical background, you might find yourself a bit lost when it comes to advanced topics like APIs.’
I am lost indeed.

Having banged my head for 2 continuous days I am still clueless what to do next.
The PayTm staging thing seems to be successful from the response above but I am still not able to figure out what to do next.

When I installed Braintree API it showed in my Payment section of the actions dropdown menu, and then I could choose the ‘Charge the current user’ command. How do I build that interface using the PayTm API?

I was making efforts to create it as a plugin so that other users can also benefit from this thing, but am not able to get it to work for myself by now. I think this is the most challenging part I have encountered throughout using Bubble in past 17 weeks.

Can some one help?

Have you set your calls to be used as “Action” rather than “Data”? When set to action (and initialized properly), they’ll be available in the actions list in workflows.

Thanks for the reply @romanmg. It is showing in my actions list in workflow and that’s where I am stuck.


What should be the next step? Should it have taken me to the PayTm payment page or do I have to build a form? Where would the user input his credentials for payment?

Like in Braintree screenshot below it shows a form to fill certain parameters, how would I get the same for PayTm? Or are my settings wrong and it should have shown automatically?


You have to expose the parameters so that they become available in the action. You can do this by unchecking “private” if working in API Connector or setting them as “Public” if working in Plugin editor:


Having said that, I’m not familiar with PayTm’s API, so for exact flow, I’d need to look at the documentation a bit closer to advise on your integration. Happy to do so in a coaching session if you’re interested (Built to Scale)

You are a genius @romanmg, it worked that way.
But I am yet to figure out the different params that are required to be passed, I’ll keep it for last.


I’ll definitely have to take your help once my app is complete and will connect with you for final audit.
Thanks again, really appreciate.


Hey Ankur,

Were you able to figure this out?

I am also looking for a payment gateway for Indian based applications. Would be really helpful if you could help me out here.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi @ganeshramasamy91,
I haven’t worked upon it much, but I was able to get a success message while testing it on API connector, yet to figure out whether a form should show up automatically or I’ll have to create one.
I am at the verge of completing my app in a few days and will then focus on payment gateway thing, right now I am using PayPal.
Will let you know when I get success in integrating PayTM.

Hi petter,
Can you please share a little more info on how you achieved this.
When staging it shows certain fields but do I have to create a form for params to display or should it show automatically on success?
Ideally this is the screen (Somewhat) that should show up when PayTM is attempted. How can I get such a screen?

Hi again!

The scope for explaining it all is a bit big for this thread I’m afraid, as it depends entirely on Paytm’s API setup. From a quick look at their documentation, I got the impression that the API relies on redirects rather than direct access, which means you don’t set up the form yourself, but redirect to a website on their end, and then back to a success page on your site after the payment.

To implement another API, I was helped by @romanmg, who can set it up and then take you through the steps by video afterwards a the cost of an hour or two (in my case) of consulting. The session gave me a much deeper understanding of payment systems and the API Connector in general, and was absolutely worth it. Other consultants/agencies can of course also help you out.

I hope I don’t sound unhelpful, but I hope this can still be of some help. If you have more specific questions, I’ll be happy to try and assist, but there are others on this board who have more experience than me probably.

Thanks @petter for sharing your insight.
Gabys capabilities are certainly not questionable and I see her with high regards, I am sure to request her expert guidance for my apps final audit, that’s the reason why I am trying to reach as far as possible in my app so that the hr. or two that I borrow from her can be most productive.
In fact I had thought of keeping the PayTM thing for last to be discussed with her but another comment on the topic refreshed it and made me curious. Now I am certain to keep it for the last only.
Thanks again.

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Hello Ankur,

Thank you so much for the details. Were you able to use Paypal for Indian currency?


Yes PayPal seems to work as intended, although I have not used it in live version yet but on test it seems to work well.
You may like to see this

Thanks Ankur!!! That was great help…I will look into it…

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