Payment gateways - South Africa or general

Hi Bubblers,

I’m looking to integrate with a South African payment gateway, PayFast - has anyone had any luck with this? I’d be looking for more than just their HTML ‘Pay Now’ buttons, which is what I’ve been doing for now. But I need to be able to receive notice of if the payment was successful, so I’m thinking an API. Can Bubble do this?

Has anyone otherwise done an integration with another South African, or global, gateway that could tell me the generic steps and I can then try walk myself through it?

Thanks so much!!!

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If you post a link to the api for you may get some assistance.
I’m guessing you might have to define some Webhooks to get notified when some event such as a successful payment is made
So to answer your question question, if they use some webhook for notification, then yes bubble supports that.

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Thanks so much for your reply!

Great to hear that Bubble supports Webhooks, now to just give them a go :slight_smile:

hie @mccjon im planning to intergrate payfast to my app as well how do you go about it ?

Hi there,

The HTML payment buttons are a basic option, but it looks like the API Connector plugin will be needed,a and then to follow PayFast’s API documentation. I haven’t done it yet but will let you know when I do :slight_smile:


Hi There, any luck with PayFast yet?

Hi Rynard,

I’m actually not sure, but @leonidas.petrou4 might have a solution that’s come around quite recently.

Hi guys,

Were any of you able to use a South African payment gateway on Bubble?

I am particularly interested in using a PG that allows for split payments and integrates well with Bubble. I.e. customer pays service provider and 10% goes towards platform.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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Hi @siebritz78 any luck in a good PG provider that you’re currently using or is easy to setup in South Africa?

Also keen to find a solution for Payfast

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Same here. What if we all chipped in for a developer to set it up and record every step on video? That way we will have it set up and also learn for future.

I have built one for Razorpay.

Hi All,

New PayFast payment plugin released:


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